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Welcome! You've arrived at the premiere Javelina hunting, calling, and informational resource on the Internet.  If you want to learn about Javelina hunting, you've came to the right place!

Our Javelina University and our  Javelina Hunting Strategy  pages are the most comprehensive Javelina hunting related informational resources on the Internet. We are jam-packed with hundreds of web pages! All full of Javelina hunting information.

The purpose of this web site is to enhance awareness of Javelina hunting and provide a comprehensive informational resource for Javelina hunters.


 Learn how to clean, process, and  "bleach" your Javelina skull. 

Online Javelina Record Book is here!...  The archery section is posted!  During future visits you will be able to view Javelina records  (based on skull measurements) in  Handgun, Muzzleloader, and Rifle categories as well.   Please remember, you can add your trophy Javelina to our online Javelina Hunter Record Book (free of charge-of course).

Does Calling Javelina Really Work? Click Here To Find Out

..."I wanted to thank you for having such a great web-site. I almost didn't go hunting because I wasn't prepared enough. I found your web-site and we bagged one! All your information was very correct and without it we probably wouldn't have made a kill. When you say they come charging in, you really mean it. We had a blast and my 14 yr old son made his first kill ever. Thank you so much for your information. I will send some pictures as soon as I get them back.  Thanks again.
Michael Candelaria  Laguna, New Mexico".    

Click HERE To Hear The J-13 Javelin Calling Sequence

A tape player will appear in a few seconds, to a minute or two, depending on your connection speed & my server traffic.  After the initial loading,  future plays it will load in few seconds.   No sound player?-Download Microsoft Media Player Free! 

  Javelina Hunting Items of Interest

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- Often asked question - "What's Javelina crap look like?"  Check it out

- Rabid Javelina killed near Globe, Arizona, after charging homeowner in Six Shooter Canyon area. Read article.

J-13 Deluxe Walnut Javelina calls are here! The J-13 Deluxe is handcrafted from walnut. Each is hand tuned, numbered, and signed. Check them out.  

- Preparing a Javelina skull. Detailed instructions on how to clean & prepare your skull for display...(Read more)

Does calling Javelina really work? Hunters like you tell it like it is--See how skeptics have turn to believers..(Read more)

- Javelina field dressed weight to live weight conversion chart...(Read more)
- WOW! Javelina Calling 101 Audio online!  Hear & learn how to call Javelina...Free lessons from an expert...(Read more)
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Javelina Calling Tips. Forget what you know, or think you know, or how you've used calls in the past...(Read more)
- Javelina Skeleton. Hunters study this full museum quality skeletal view of an adult Javelina...(Read more)

Our Goal is to be your one-stop source for all things relating to Javelina and Javelina Hunting.  From Herd Dynamics to  Stalking Methods to Audio instruction on Calling Javelina, it's all here!   

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