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The JavelinaHunter.com J-13 Javelina call is expressly made for calling Javelina.  From concept to prototype, and finally production, the J-13 has been field tested in the Arizona desert on wild free-ranging Javelina each step of the way.  The J-13 Javelina call is designed to produce the correct pitch, volume, and sound for attracting and provoking Javelina.  It exploits the Javelina's pack, herd, and maternal instinct to come to the aid of a herd member or piglet when it's being attacked or wounded.  As the final step in quality assurance, prior to shipment, each J-13 call is hand-tuned personally by Javelina hunting & calling expert and author, AP Jones.  If your serious about Javelina hunting-get one!

"if your serious about Javelina hunting-get one!

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Please visit your local J-13 Javelina call authorized retailer or ask your hunting gear supplier or archery pro shop to carry them.  In a hurry? buy online here. 

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