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To hear the Javelina Calling 101 instruction "double click" on  the "hover" buttons below.  A tape player will appear in a few seconds, to a minute or two, depending on your connection speed & my server traffic.  After the initial loading,  future plays it will load in few seconds.  

On some sound players the tape will load a second or two and play, then stop, then load another second or two, then play some more.  To correct this hit PAUSE or STOP on the player controls, to allow the tape to completely load, then select play. 

No sound player?-Download Microsoft Media Player Free! 

It's well worth the wait to learn to successfully call Javelina...

Just push the play button.  You can rewind it as often as needed, adjust the volume, and practice along with the tape.  Each tape is from approx. 30 to 50 seconds in length.  The Javelina Calling 101 tapes work best (clarity & speed) when you are connected to the Internet @ 48KB or higher speeds.  Also visit our Javelina calling secrets page

Click HERE To Hear Intro to Calling Javelina

Click HERE To Hear - Just Starting - Tape 2   

Click HERE To Hear - Beginning A Call Sequence - Tape 3   

Click HERE To Hear - Full Call Sequence - Tape 4   

Click HERE To Hear - When To Call - Tape 5   

Click HERE To Hear - A Few Final Words - Tape 6  

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