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Does Calling Javelina Really Work?

13 Feb 2006 

AP, I just wanted to share my recent success with you. I've been trying unsuccessfully to locate and kill a javelina since 2000. I've always come up blank on public land in New Mexico. A couple years ago my hunting buddy found your website and shared it with me. I liked what I saw and ordered your call. I hadn't had the chance to use it until this year, the first we actually found javelina in a huntable location.  Last Saturday we drove to a new area and found some encouraging sign, so we decided to hunt there. We saw some javelina cross in front of us and after a short stalk I used the javelina call to call in a pair and take this nice boar. Unfortunately, I had a "javelina fever" and took the first shot presented, the head. Obviously, this ruined the skull as a trophy and prevented me from measuring it. I understand now that this is a pretty good sized javelina, so you can understand that I regret not collecting a trophy of some kind (my wife probably would have killed me had I gotten a shoulder mount!). I kept him whole and plan to pit barbecue him in the near future. I'll forward my success (or not) of that endeavor at a later date. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the tips and for producing a fine call. As a dedicated coyote caller, it was a great experience to call in and take a javelina. I hope to repeat this performance next year, hopefully with a bow. It was fun enough that I'm even considering a hunt in Arizona or Texas in the future.
Troy Wiebe
Las Cruces, NM

This is my second year to use the J-13 Javelina call while hunting in South Texas.  Last year I was anxious to give it a try.  After arrowing a Javelina out of a herd of about seven, I immediately began blowing on theJ-13 hoping to get a shot for my buddy that made the stalk with me.  Within
ten seconds, the first of several javelina came busting into the small clearing that we were in and stopped about ten yards from us giving my buddy a perfect shot.
  He stuck it and before he could get another arrow out, another one was right in front of us.  This happened repeatedly for the next
couple of minutes.  My buddy is still telling the story about the experience.     This year I had the confidence that when I blew on the J-13, there was going to be a shot opportunity.  On the second day of our hunt my buddy had
a successful stalk and arrowed a nice Javelina.  After his shot I started blowing the J-13.  Within ten or fifteen seconds, the first of several angry Javelina came right up to him ready to do battle.  He stuck him and had his limit in less than a minute. 
     We are both sold on the J-13 call and will never make a stalk without it.  It is such an easy call to use and works so well that anyone not using one is really missing out.  With the instructions on your web site, anyone
can use this call.

Jay Lindsey
Fort Worth, Texas

 Date: 16 Jan 2006 


I need to tell you about an experience with the J-13 call. I was hunting whitetail in unit 21 with a friend of mine, we weren't seeing any deer and we started looking for anything that looked alive. My buddy was glassing a canyon and at exactly 778 yards he spotted a group of Javelina. I had my J-13 call in my pack and i asked Mark if he wanted to see something really cool? He said sure! I said that this call would call those pigs in from that far out--he said no way, I'll put 50 bucks on it--i took the bet and it was a good thing i did too. I started a series of squawks that sounded similar to what the demo sounds like on the website. The pigs turned directly at us and started the long run up the face of the canyon, all the while mark was saying "i can't freaking believe this!" Long story short, i called the big lead bore to with -in 8 feet of Marks boots and when he smelled us i started calling again and the second boar came to with-in inches of Mark''s boots!! Big fun, a ! non-believer believes, and i have $50.00 bucks to spend! Mark asked me to buy one of the calls and i did yesterday for him off of your easy to order website form.

I know we shouldn't educate an animal but i don't really think they knew what was what when they turned and trotted off, in fact, they stopped at 65 yards and just started to feed again.

Just to let you know how i knew how far it was--i own a pair of Lieca 10x42 rang finder's and they are very accurate!!

let me tell ya, if you don't have a J-13 your missing out!!

Thanks for a quality call!!

Terry Herndon 

I'm afraid I must complain that I am quite dissatisfied with your product. I purchased the J-13 javelina call for use on a hunt my wife and I had planned in Arizona. My disappointment stems from the fact that due to your call our hunt ended far too quickly. My wife had never hunted big game before and was not yet very proficient with her .222 so I thought a call might present her with an easier shot. We spent a couple of weekends scouting and found an area with an active herd. Opening day we set up camp and looked forward to a leisurely hunting and camping trip in the beautiful spring weather we enjoy here in Arizona. We drove to the area we planned to hunt and began a slow still hunt into the wind. After about 30 minutes we came to the convergence of two deep, mesquite filled washes. We couldn't proceed without making a lot of noise and we had a good view of the hillsides surrounding us so I thought this would be a good time to try out the J-13. We sat down a few feet from the edge of the wash and I began calling. I blew for about 15 seconds and the call was far too loud for me to hear the herd of javelina charging up the side of the wash in front of us. By the time I saw the first huge boar it was too late to do anything but rear back and kick him in the snout to prevent him from running right over me. Five or six other pigs followed and they all stopped!, completely surrounding us. Now I do recall reading in the instructions that before beginning to call one should have his weapon ready and be prepared for action. Well, I guess I assumed this was just sales hype because we were far from ready for this assault. I was frantically tearing at the holster of my .357 looking for all the world like Barney Fife trying to get his single bullet out of his pocket. I was finally able to get unholstered and downed the big boar. At that the pigs scattered and I was able to turn my attention to my wife who looked like she was about to have a heart attack. I had not trusted her to have a cartridge in the chamber and she couldn't !
figure out why her rifle wouldn't shoot despite practically breaking off the trigger in attempting to do so. I got a round chambered for her and looked around to see if any javelina could possibly be stupid enough to be hanging around after all this. No, but alas, I had after all read the directions for which I had considerable newfound respect. I remembered them saying that if one had shot and missed to go ahead and blow the J-13 for the javelina would surely return to this irresistible sound. Now you can imagine that I was entirely skeptical of this when I read it but I figured, what the hell, let's give it a try. Five seconds of calling and here they come! My wife shoots at and misses one hapless javelina standing broadside fifteen feet from her. (She later told me she was so excited she forgot to look through the scope) Incredibly the javelina, apparently drunk with the mesmerizing sound of the J-13 was still standing there and she was able to dispatch it on her second shot. Now, here we were, not even an hour into our hunt, and we looked at each other and thought "now what do we do"?  Our long anticipated hunt was over! All the wonderful experiences of teaching my wife the wonders of the outdoors and the excitement of the stalk were not to be. All the great food we were going to enjoy cooking over the campfire was still in the ice chest frozen. The expensive cigars I was going to enjoy at the hearth while telling stories of past exploits would go unlit. The days off from work would now be wasted on the golf course. Everything we had looked forward to for weeks was over in a few short seconds and it was all the fault of your product, the J-13. I guess you can now understand why I was so disappointed in this product I felt I had to write and tell you. And before you ask, no thanks, I don't want to return it for my money back. Sincerely, 

Steve Banbury

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My friend Richard Trejo and I chased some pigs for a couple of hours, we just couldn't close the distance so we decided to call them in. Took this Javelina in unit 36a, using a J-13 Javelina call. We brought the pig to 15 yards from 150 yards, pig was quartering towards me so I drilled him on his front shoulder with PSE Thunderbolt with 100 grain shockwave broadhead and PSE carbon arrows, pig didn't go 10 yards!  Dressed out to 55-60lbs. Thank you,

Leonard Parra
Tucson, Arizona

I found your website when I was trying to find a Javelina video 4 days before my 10yr old boys first hunt. I thought it would be fun to watch before his first big hunt. Well in the process of ordering the video I read the articles about calling Javelina and thought it would be fun to play with while we were in the feild hunting. I called the number on the website and you folks bent over backwards in order for us to have our order before his first big hunt. We watched the video the night before the hunt and were all excited but the next morning did not prove to be a good one for us. We hunted for 3 days and we did not have any luck finding pigs so we had to go back to school and work. well Thursday was the last day  so we skipped school and work and headed out to our pig spot, after a long morning walk and glassing nothing showed up so we headed to a new spot. We were driving in to the ridge we were going to climb to glass when we spotted some deer we watched them for a while. Then headed up the trail farther. That's when things got interesting 2 pigs came over the hill at a dead run so we gathered our stuff and headed after then down into a deep canyon. We were running down a long open slope when we spotted the pigs still moving away about 60yrds ahead, my son has never shot anything else except quail so I didn't think he would be able to take a long shot so I figured I should just start blowing  the J-13 call because it looked like things were over for us. Well folks I am now a true believer of calling with the J-13 that pig took 8 more steps away from us and then turned and ran straight uphill right at us. Now keep in mind we are in no cover and we have been running after these pigs. That pig ran straight at us until he got with in 20yds and stopped and grunted at us, when they say be ready when you blow that call they mean it. My son was a little excited and shot over his back and the pig ran down in the bottom of the canyon. we ran to the edge and started called again because they were walking away from us up the canyon. 30 seconds into the call they turned around and walked back down the wash right in front of us my son took a 50yd shot and was successful in harvesting his first Javelina. I do believe if we would not of had that call we would of went home empty handed. It was 2:30 in the afternoon on the last day of the youth hunt. Thank you for shipping the call to us in such a timely fashion and also thank you for your website it has been very informative.

Bob Kay   proud dad
Cooper Kay  happy hunter

I have to say thank you for this website once again.  Last year I sent you a note about our trip after we checked out your site.  At the end I mentioned that I was ordering some of your J-13 calls to use on our next javelina hunting trip.

Well, we just returned from a 3 day trip to Arizona and we had a great time.  Your call worked like a charm and I finally scored a javelina with my bow. 

To start we didn't get drawn for the area we are used to and we had to choose a different zone.  Not knowing where the herds were made it more of a challenge than I expected.  Using the information from your site we were able to locate 3 different herd ranges.

The first two were extremely spread out and difficult to hunt.  But the third one turned out to be the best of the bunch. 

In the late afternoon of the third day we were making our way back to the trucks when we bumped into a herd of pigs in a wash.  They started to scatter and, with an arrow nocked, I picked up my call and began blowing like I was really hurting.  Within 10 seconds I had a big sow standing 20 yards in front of me looking like she was ready to fight.  Her hair was all on end and she looked twice her size.  I spit out the call and let an arrow fly.  When the arrow hit she wheeled around and raced away breaking the arrow off on her way.  I waited for 10 or 15 minutes before I followed up on the shot and found her only 30 yards away!

Thanks again for the great site and the great calls!  I'll e-mail you some pictures as soon as I get them.

 Steve Jones

I really enjoy visiting your site. This past year (February 2003) my hunting partners and I purchased two of the J-13 calls after reading about them  here. In the course of 5 days I called in probably 25 different Javelina. Everyone in my party got a shot or shots at Javelina, with 3 out of 5 tags being filled! The calls to put it simply, are amazing!!! 
  This site is fun and informative, and I recommend it to anyone I learn is going Javelina hunting. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Bill Alexander

Hello A.P.

1/30/03 I had purchased your J-13 Deluxe call two weeks before our hunt and listened to the calling instructions that you have on the internet.  I had never before hunted javelina and found the information on your website very helpful.  By following your instructions, I successfully called four javelina and one coyote.  In addition to this trip being my first javelina hunt, it was also my first bow hunt. I harvested two javelina on the trip (the limit in Texas) and am convinced that I would not have had this success without your product and information.

Thanks for your help!

Jeff Spence

 Thanks allot everyone at Javelinahunter.com  I hope to send you a good picture this year.  I must say I was a little skeptical about the call at first, until I saw it with my own eyes!  It was kind of like someone yelled charge. We had 11 of 34 pigs come running in like a freight train!  I was along for the hunt with my buddy who I think filled his jeans, if you know what I mean! 

Thanks again!


I want to thank you for an outstanding website.  My son and I read every page from start to finish.  We have hunted Javelina with a bow on and off for several years.  We would occasionally see them but would rarely get a chance for a shot. This year after reading about calling, and all the other tips you offer,  We saw the most Javelina that we have ever seen.  We had more shot opportunities than ever.  Although we didn't take a pig (the wind was tough on our bow shooting ability) we had the best season ever. Our calling experience... We found a feeding area that was so fresh the cactus and the scat was still moist!  Not heeding your advice of having an arrow nocked, I called on a predator call I had with me trying to imitate the sounds on your website. To our surprise 6 pigs came charging up the hill right at us stopping at about 15 yards when they hit our scent. If we had been ready we would have had easy shots. I'm sure if I had used YOUR call it would have been much better.  I had to really bend the sounds to get the predator call to sound like your recording.  Although I didn't have time to order your call before we went but I am sending you an order for 3 calls when I finish this message. Thanks again for the GREAT website!

Steve Jones

 Mr. Jones:  Just wanted to let you know that I will never go javelina hunting without my J13 Deluxe! My first javelina hunt took place in January's archery season, east of Tucson. My first encounter was with four pigs that were on to me and already moving out. They were about 80 yards away when I started calling. They did a u-turn and charged me. At about 30 yards, they caught on to my amateur calling and gave me the slip. The second encounter - I stalked to within 35 yards of a javelina. I put my 20 yard pin on his vitals and missed low. I ranged it afterwards at...yes...35 yards. I immediately hit the call and three came back with a vengence.  I couldn't get a clear shot through the brush. My third and final encounter came when I ran into a group heading my way. They were instantly on to me. They slipped out of sight. I hit the J13, and BAM, the two largest were back at 10 feet, and fired up! Again, the brush was thick and I couldn't make a clean shot. All in all, the J13 Deluxe worked extremely well three out of three times. Unbelievable! If it weren't for my inexperience at bowhunting, I would be eating desert pork tonight. Thanks for the great product. I am anxiously waiting for next season.    



Thanks for getting that replacement reed to me so quick. Remember, I am the one who had my 5 year old hunting partner try to blow it with a mouth full of peanut butter or something and clogged it up. Well, this thing worked pretty well. Last week I was out in the AZ desert looking for some pigs and on the second day I came across a nice boar while still hunting the flats. I fired a shot from the long bow and missed just low. I thought I would give the call a try when I spotted the rest of the herd about 20-30 yards away. the reaction from these pigs was instantaneous. They charged me before the first note was completed. I actually had to jumped out of the way to avoid getting run over. they were coming from every direction. I kept blowing and they kept coming. Eveytime I blew it more would come. Well I must of gotten a little frazzled from all the charging because pretty soon I was out of arrows. They were all laying at my feet. It seemed every time I was knocking one I would get charged and fumble the arrow away. I finally picked one up off the ground, got it knocked and put a cedar arrow thru the heart of a nice sow at 15 feet. Hunt over. Blood pressure up. I think the size of the heard (at least 30 and maybe up to 50. I know this because we went back a couple days later to successfully harvest another for a friend) and the number of piglets probably had something to do with the aggressiveness of the herd. Thank you again for the prompt service and the excellent product.


I just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding javelina call. I got into a bunch of pigs a few days ago, and they were running all over the place for about 45 minutes without giving a clear shot. I didn't even try the call. That night I read a bunch of testimonials on your web sight and went out this morning to try to call more aggressively. Overall, they charged right at me several times to within 10 yards. If they didn't respond directly to it, they would at least move around a little, which helped me find them again when I lost them on a hillside. anyway, I finally got a shot and scored my first javelina. Thanks! - 

Chris A.

J-13 Is awesome. I have hunted archery Javelina for 18 years not filling a tag out maybe 2-5 times all from units 22,23,& 24b. I tried elec. tapes in the past and had no luck. I just purchased the J-13 before this 03' hunt. Today 1-1-03 I spotted a half dozen pigs at day break maybe 1 mile away. Finally getting to 1 ridge from the herd we see another hunter stalk and hit one and bust up the herd. (Go figure). Then a second guy with him appears he stalks the moved herd but misses. (We video taped him missing) Turns out the pigs ended up coming down and crossing the wash came up & over our hill (5) now. We lost them in the thick brush. They were not spooked from us at least. Well I blew on the call and found them they all came woofing. Total instant response. All 5 walked w/in 15 yds. from me I drew on them and did not shoot. Instead I waved to Paul to hurry up and come down the hill. He crashed down to me in seconds they were still woofing heading down hill. As he approached, I called again and instantly one pissed came right in he drilled one at 10 feet then I blew again and knocked an arrow, but they came over or thru the brush so fast I shot at one at 10-15 feet and completely missed. Today is a day we will never forget using this call. In the end Paul filled his tag it went down 50 yds away. I missed twice today. My wife to be Angela witnessed me calling with success and watched over us with binocs all morning. Thanks Ange for the patience. It all happened so fast we did not video tape it. As for the other hunter Ange says they began talking very loud and whistling? As if on purpose. (Probably pissed when they heard all those screaming pigs). He did not find his pig he left the area. We spotted them glassing/hunting again hours later. Atleast Paul was blown away with what happened today. I will never go pig hunting without it again.

Thank you, J-13 People!!!!!
P.S. I have not been very successful over the years archery deer hunting do you have a D-13 to help me call them in this way.  

Dan,Angela and Paul

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Larry Morgan Jr,  Archery Javelina.  Hunt Unit 37A, Arizona.  Sow field dressed @ 28lbs (click on picture to enlarge)

Hey A.P.
  I don't know if you remember emailing me or not.  But my name is Larry Morgan.  This last HAM season I bagged my first ever big game animal.  A 28 lb. field dressed Javelina Sow. And not only being my first of any big game animal it was with a bow no less. Thanks to your very informative web site and your J-13 call purchased from Archery Headquarters my hunt was a success.  I hunted for 3 days in unit 37A with no luck. On the fourth day scat was found in a wash. After walking for 20 yards or so BANG off run Javelina thru the thick covered wash, blew on the call and INSTANTLY the "pigs" came back. My first shot was a rush of adrenaline.  I was so excited I totally missed. Knocked another arrow and threw the call to my brother in law who had joined me for the fourth day of hunting. He blew and the rest of the pack moved in on us. It was so awesome but scary at the same time, for a few seconds we were not the hunters anymore, we were the hunted. I woofed back at a pig beh! (typo??)... a large bush and it paused. Just then I saw a pig to the left of that bush coming towards us down the 3 foot wide wash. I drew back anticipating her to pass in the wash, but she crossed to the far bank some 15 yards away. She was broadside so I put my pin on the sweet spot and let it fly. She jumped string and looked right at me. The arrow passed just above her lungs and out her left hip. It was like it went through a piece of paper. Thanks to my brother-in-laws experience with blood tracking deer we started down the trail. She got around 40 yard and dropped. Not a great shot but she was mine.  If it were not for that call there would be no way that I could of got a shot in that thick stuff.  Thanks for making my first big game hunt very memorable. And also Thanks to Randy, George and Dennis @ Archery Headquarters. And to Dub for doing the trac!

 Larry Morgan

Your site is the reason I got this wonderful animal yesterday! Great site and thank you for another great hunting memory . I called the rest of the herd in 3-times! What a rush! (harvested on 01-19-02 in unit 24b in Arizona)


Larry Reeves

Wow, it should be against the law to hunt with a J-13 call. After doing a cold call Friday evening, a male came over a ridge about 80yds away, closing the distance so fast. It was mind blowing, and even a little freaky. What a nice pig for my first Javelina hunt. I'll send pic and hunting details.

 Frank Beahm

Thanks A.P., 

We are thinking of going back on Friday for a few days to take advantage of hunting some property we had the pleasure of meeting the very nice owners of. They are complaining of the little bugers making a mess of their corn field. There is allot of sign around their place. We got a brief look at it the first time out a few weeks ago.
Looking forward to putting your call to work again. It is an experience like no other to see those Javelina come running out of the brush looking for me and that call. You have a very good product and I have been telling everyone I know how great it works. If we score this time out I will send you some pics.
                                                        Thanks again


 I just wanted to say thanks for producing such a great call. I went on my first javelina hunt down on the San Carlos Reservation during the last weekend of their rifle hunt season. I am from the state of Washington and we spent 3 great days in the desert. On the last evening about 45 minutes before dark I was working up a wash and spotted some javelina moving towards me. The wind was swirling a two of the pigs caught my scent and up and out of the bowl they went. I hit the J-13 call with three quick calls and they kept running but I caught movement coming towards me from my right. A nice boar was coming to the call whoofing and a snapping. I side stepped to get the wind in my favor and he came around a bush at 20 yards all puffed up and a whoofing. I well placed arrow and I had my first Javelina. I wouldn't hunt for Javelina without your call. Thanks again for helping me take my first and hopefully not my last javelina. I will try to forward a picture to you soon.

Mark Neumann

Moses Lake, WA

I used it (the J-13) twice in three days and both times I had Javelina turn on a dime and head straight for the call! behind a catclaw bush, then worked his way down wind just in time to catch my arrow at about 15 yds.  He came back towards me and expired at about 10 paces to my left.  If it wasn't for the J-13 call I think my first shot that missed would have been game over for me and the day.  Shot my Javelina at 10:30am...... Thank you,

Vince Braley

Hello could you please tell me the price of your J-13 caller and e-mail me back with your order line phone number. Because of your callers I was about to get my first pig in San Carlos, Arizona. Would like to order my own. Thanks 

Jeff Beck.

Hi AP,

Got my pig yesterday.  Just a medium sized female...  Called them in with your call.  One nice boar came in first, but couldn't get a shot at him. I had a pretty good hunt.  Stalked some nice coues and called in several herds of pigs...

Read Amanda's Hunt Story -Its Outstanding -AP Jones


jve3-4.jpg (390924 bytes)

Richard English & Jim Lipowski, 2002, San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona


Although I had great fun practicing and playing with the J13 call, I never got a chance to use it in a real situation.  My friend and hunting buddy, Rich English, sent you an account of our hunt and you've posted it on your web site (as I proudly email my friends and family for them to check it out!).  Once I released my arrow at my pig, I thought before they start off for the hills, I'll blow on the call.  Heck, the whole herd never knew what happened much less the pig that got arrowed.  Everybody just went back to rooting, well, except for one!  Hopefully, next time out I'll get a chance to put it through its paces.  BTW That was a great manual that came with the call and very informative.



Nice letter and great picture even though they didn't use the J-13...It's better to have a call and not need it, then need it, and not have it...hey, but they liked the pamphlet!


Well we made it back considering our quarry. At 10.30 am one morning 2 of our hunters located pigs in a cactus patch. Upon checking wind the pursuit was on!. within 20 yards they could here the crunching mouths at work. The little buggers were intermingled inside the patch! Time seemed to stop. After what seemed an eternity they gave their signals for clear shots! Crack!! cactus and rocks absorbing the impact of high speed carbons!! At least 10 little piggys running nuts not sure of what happened? For that matter 2 hunters not sure what happened? Hunter grabs his J-13 call and piggys are in a frantic. Hunters not ready!! Piggys crisscrossing everywhere!!  Piggys leave!!! hunters fuzzy and laughing!! Good Hunt!  Piggys fine.Broadhead needs Burial.  5:30 Pm Other two hunters spot 2 large ones and 2 small ones. Top of large mountain. Choose pursuit with limited time. Run to top of mountain with lungs on fire! Other hunter motions that pigs were leaving area. Ron tells hunter to get ready .3 quick blasts on j-13 call and pigs stop and look back. Continuing the sequence the pigs are about face and hauling bacon to us. Hunter has bow ready and drawing back! Click !clack! Arrow off rest!! Little Piggys continue strong advances!! Archer in trouble!! piggy at 20 yards and running straight at him!!! Arrow leaves bow High and piggy in hot pursuit of Archer!! Archer uses bow to defend against attack!!! Cam wheel in piggys mouth and hunter telling piggy to get out of there!!! Piggy leaves! Ron hollering shoot it and is still calling in hopes of shot. Same little piggy obeys Ron's wishes. Head on straight to Ron. Ron seeing what happened to other hunter chooses to spit call out of mouth and stand up.  Pig stops at 23 yards head on. Piggy does not like what it sees. Piggy turns to run and Ron shoots. Smack!! Piggy hit low and back. Cedar shaft in two peices. Ron running after piggy to see where it was going. Other hunters were glassing the whole advent. Saw Ron running after piggy and radio to Ron that they confirmed last siteing. Chose to pursue in morning due to knowledge of impact. Tracked following morning until blood ran out and could tell by blood sign that it was a meat hit. What a Hunt!!!. Our group has lots of bowhunting experience with a kill ratio of better than 60 percent on deer Elk and Bear in any given year. Javelina with a call and bow are indeed a worthwhile effort. Thanks AP Jones for such a great web site and a great call. We didnt see any more pigs that week but that one day was special. Successful big game hunters lost notches that day due to the little gray ghost that inhabit the beautiful Arizona desert. Were we successful? you bet!!! we didnt bring home ham, but we brought home a wealth of knowledge and a hope to some day reastablish our notches. The people in and around Safford are first rate. God Bless !! !! May the spirit that moves in all things continue to touch our hearts !!

Ron in Colorado

Cool letter, fun hunt- AP


My brother, Pop, and I came onto our first javelina North of Lordsburg. They disappeared and I let out a couple of calls with the J-13. While calling I positioned myself into a small clearing. Low and behold I saw the raised back hair of a boar over the top of an arroyo. He came out of the arroyo and was trotting right at me with the wind in my face. I didn?t want to take a breast shot so I waited. He stopped behind a bush broadside where I could see him. When he took two steps into the clearing, I fired my .357 and Whammo, my first javelina! Nothing is more exciting or fulfilling than calling in a javelina within 10 yds. The J-13 made me a believer and I look forward to using it in the future!

From one AP to another, your website is awesome! It is the most informative website on javelina I have found on the internet. Your insight and advice provided me with hours of research. Keep up the great work!

Anthony Perez Rio Rancho, NM



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