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JavelinaHunter.com author, AP Jones with handgun Javelina.

About the Author

"...it isn't a hobby, it's an obsession..." 

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, ole "AP" has been hunting since the tender age of 6 or 7.  As many young boys of the day, he starting out with a bb gun, pack of matches, and an improvised fire pit in the a back yard tree well.  Success came quickly and he bagged and cooked his first, of what would be many (hundreds) of sparrows within a day or two of taking up the sport of "hunting".

Despite his mom's diligent effort to cleanse the young lad of the hunting interest, the "defective" gene was more dominate, and as they say, the rest is history...

Fast forward many years of hunting....

AP is a seasoned and accomplished hunter. He has harvested bear, elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, javelina, coyote, bobcat and other species using bow, rifle, handgun, and muzzleloader. 

Why Javelina?

The condensed version goes something like this:

 A visit to the library in the early 1970's planted the seed that sprouted in 2000.   As a kid he would occasionally see Javelina during his desert travels. During a trip to the library as a kid, he  tried to locate a book on Javelina.  To his surprise there was nothing! Let alone anything on Javelina hunting. As he tells it, "the only info about Javelina at all, was maybe a paragraph in a wildlife of the southwest book." 

As the hunting seasons past, he became a fairly seasoned accomplished archery Javelina hunter.  Each January 1st (Arizona archery Javelina opener), he would be in the desert chasing Javelina.  Because of his success and passion for Javelina hunting,  He would inevitably end up guiding numerous friends on Javelina hunts.   More then once he was told "you ought to write a book about this".  

As his hunting interest expanded to include predator calling, he began to observe very often that he would have Javelina respond to his predator calls. He noted that when he blew and tuned his predator calls in a particular way, the response by the Javelina was incredible! Often times he could repeatedly call javelina back within a mater of feet after shooting at them!  As you would expect, he began to include calling of  Javelina to his arsenal of tricks during his January Javelina hunting trips. 

 "..Successfully matching wits with a coyote will soon make you come to view deer hunting as anti climatic...  Although deer are a little better eating..."  - AP Jones 2006 Mule Deer Hunt

From the Author

Fast forward again to the Year 2000...  Mix to much time on his hands and a new computer, and bingo - The birth of JavelinaHunter.com  ...Instead of a book, how about a website? 

Shortly after publishing the website, "AP" began to offer hand-tuned Javelina calls to help offset the expenses of servers and software that keeps this site open and running.  One thing evolved into another, and presto, "AP" found himself quitting his secure high-paying job and going into the game call business full time!

April 2002, the birth of AllPredatorCalls.com  ..life is a strange journey as AP relates it... "How about a hobby gone crazy". In four short years AllPredatorCalls.com has gone from 1 Javelina call,  to the largest game calling related niche business in the country - 100's of manufacturers and 1000's game calling related products, full color catalogs, hunting video productions, and more!

"AP" feels he owes allot to this animal, the Javelina - that's why there's a JavelinaHunter.com and will continue to be.

The purpose of this web site is to enhance awareness of Javelina hunting and provide a comprehensive informational resources for Javelina hunters and also his way of paying tribute to the this small desert creature in which "AP" has built his livelihood.  

Hopefully, you will find the information comprehensive enough to be interesting and engaging, yet not to technical, to be dry and boring.

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