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Javelina Hunting Basics

Javelina..nice look at the "collar". Photo Courtesy of the Desert Life web site.

 "Javelina have very poor eyesight...."Most articles and experts" will tell you this.  Hunters, writers, and researchers  will all recount tales of how they stalked within 20 yards or even less of feeding Javelina.  I have done it countless times as well.  The key is the Javelina were undisturbed or feeding, wind direction was right, and the hunter made minimal noise. Often times while in feeding mode, Javelina appear to rely more on their sense of smell then eyesight or hearing to alert them to danger. They appear to become engrossed in feeding and often a hunter is successful stalking to very close range.  Generally, herd members will pause in their feeding from time to time to scan and check wind while in an undisturbed state.  I strongly recommend you don't formulate your Javelina hunting strategy on the premise that Javelina eyesight is so poor they can't see you unless you're right on them.  Respect their eyesight at ranges under 100 yards, and remember,  I could recount the numerous times I've been "spotted"  by a herd of Javelina just as easily as the times I was successful at getting in close range. 

The keys to approaching Javelina are:

bulletNOISE-Approach silently
bulletThe desert is a noisy place. The sound of hard sole shoes on gravel or stepping on twigs travels.  Pant legs brushing past desert scrub travels.  The rhythmic sound of foot steps one after another travels.
bulletSCENT-Approach from down wind
bulletIf the wind is wrong, back up, move 400 - 500 yards around, approach from a down wind position 
bulletMOVEMENT-when under 100 yards stalk!
bullet Take a few steps SLOWLY, stop and look for the 4 to 6 Javelina you haven't spotted yet.  It never fails.  Just when you think you can see the entire herd, more animals will appear where you least expect it

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