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Javelina track? (Click on pictures to enlarge) Answer at the bottom of the page.  Photo by AP Jones.

Your first challenge to overcome in being a successful Javelina hunter is being able to distinguish and identify Javelina sign.

Javelina tracks diagram (click on picture to enlarge). Diagram by AP Jones.


Javelina gait

Normal walk~traveling on a trail 10 to 13 inches tip to tip


Slow feed/meandering 6 to 10 inches tip to tip


Running/spooked up to 9 foot leaps! for short distances


Javelina footprints (adult)

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Classic "pig run" across a wash (Click on  picture to enlarge)  Photo by AP Jones.

Front cloven hoof  1.1/2 inches wide by 1.1/4 inches length  (front is larger then back)


Rear cloven hoof 1.1/4 inches wide by 1.0 inches in length


Generally, rear hoof steps in front hoof print 


Front feet have 2 dewclaws


Rear feet have only 1 dewclaw (Old World pigs have 2)

Dewclaws are normally not seen in tracks unless in mud or snow


Javelina tracks compared to deer

Size is much smaller.  Mule deer hoof print 2 3/8 - 3 inches in length and much more pointed


Distance between hoof prints much shorter.  Mule deer generally at least 18 inches between steps, and normally 24 to 30 inches between steps

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Classic "pig run" across a wash (Click on  pictures to enlarge) photo by AP Jones.

Classic "pig run" across a wash to mesquite trees that have dropped beans.. Kind of obvious Javelina are in the area! photo by AP Jones.

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Pig "rooting" in a wash (Click on  picture to enlarge)  photo by AP Jones.

Answer:  No! It's Mule Deer.  Note the following about the picture.

bulletSingle track-Javelina rarely travel alone
bulletSteps too wide apart-between 24 and 30 inches
bulletHoof too large and pointed

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