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Step 1 Prep
Step 2 Boil
Step 3 Bleach

Preparing a Javelina skull

A cleaned and "bleached" Javelina skull makes a striking and attention grabbing addition to any hunters trophy room.  The first thing to clear up is "bleached' is a term not a chemical--Most taxidermists recommend that you never use bleach on a skull.

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This is the end result of following our "How to clean a skull" procedures. An interesting item for the mantel or trophy room. Click on picture to enlarge.  Photo by AP Jones.

The first choice in preparing a Javelina skull for display is to use the services of a taxidermist who is using some type of meat eating beetle such as dermestid beetles for cleaning.  

If the skull is not of record book size, boiling can be done by the hunter with little associated cost and outstanding results.  However, the dermistid beetles are the best choice for flesh removal without the associated shrinkage from boiling. 

Since the average do-it-your-selfer will not have access to meat eating beetles, and probably doesn't want to fork over the additional money for taxidermist anyway,  I will skip to the second choice - Do-it-yourself skull processing.

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