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Finished skull using the "Simmer and Hydrogen Peroxide procedure". Click on picture to enlarge.  Photo by AP Jones.

Remember, "bleach" is a term only, do not use bleach, use Hydrogen Peroxide (3% solution).

To "bleach" out a skull after "boiling" and sun drying, soak the skull in hydrogen peroxide for 12 - 24 hours, rinse, and allow the skull to bleach out white in the sun for one to two days.

A large coffee can works well as a "bleaching container". To save money, and reduce the number of bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide needed to cover the entire skull, pack the top of the skull/container with cotton balls.  They will wick up the liquid and help ensure complete coverage of the skull.

Re-attach any loose teeth with glue.  

Annotate the bottom of the skull, using a fine tipped indelible marker, with Skull Score, Date & Method of Kill, Hunter Info, etc.


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