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3.  Lower the skull into the simmering water and allow to "cook" for several minutes. 

4.  After simmering the skull for a few minutes, add 1 cup of Sal Soda/A&H Super Washing Soda.  Sprinkle the powder into the water a little at a time until all the powder is in the pot. Note  if using a lid on the pot, after adding the powder, the water may foam and boil over.


 Simmer the skull for about  45 minutes (if using a small pot reduce time). 


After the initial 45 minutes of cooking, remove skull and cut, pull, and scrape away loose tissue and meat.  


Return skull to simmering water, adding a 1/2 cup more Sal Soda/A&H Super Washing Soda, simmer for 15- 30 minutes at a time until its cleaned. This process may take approx.  3 - 5 "cooking's" and cutting/scrapings before completion. Be sure and add a bit more Sal Soda/A&H Super Washing Soda each time.   


The meat should nearly fall off the bone.  The  Sal Soda/A&H Super Washing Soda in combination with simmering makes the meat take on a "jelly" like consistency.  If the meat is hard to remove add more  Sal Soda/A&H Super Washing Soda.


Use a coat hanger to poke and dislodge material in the brain and nasal cavity.  Thoroughly clean the nasal cavity and brain cavity.


A garden hose can be used to spray off and flush out the brain and nasal cavity (sprayed with high pressure)

5.  After all meat is removed, rinse with cold water. Let skull sun dry for a day or two.  It will take on a whitish-bone color. 

Note: the above cleaning process can be used on cougar, bear, bobcat, and coyote, etc. skulls.

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