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1 Old non-aluminum pot

1 Coleman Stove

1 Bottle hydrogen peroxide 3% solution (available at Wal-Mart etc.) 

1 Cup Sal Soda (Sodium Carbonate) available at most taxidermy supply houses.  1 pound bag sells for $3.95.  Try buying online  at Wildlife Artist Supply Company  this product is helpful in dissolving meat, fat and grease when boiling skulls and antler plates.  A great substitute is Arm & Hammer "Super Washing Soda" (it's main ingredient is Sodium Carbonate & fragrance). It's available at most all "X-mart" stores, and costs a couple bucks.

Super Glue For securing any loose teeth after boiling.

Tongs/Coat Hanger  Dipping and grabbing skull.

Preparation steps

1.  Remove all hide, hair, and as much flesh that is reasonably possible from the skull with a sharp knife.

2.  Place enough water in the old pot to cover the skull. Bring water to simmer. Note: excessive boiling or heat can cause teeth to crack.


This should be done outdoors using a coleman type stove.  I would strongly caution against doing it inside, unless your are unmarried or want to be. It will create a small mess.


A coat hanger or tongs are handy for raising and lowering the skull into the simmering water.

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