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After the herd is located

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Alerted Javelina. Photo Courtesy of the Desert Life web site.

Once you locate a herd, the first thing to do is to get the wind in your favor.  Human scent will send Javelina bounding away for parts unknown.  After you get the wind in your favor, pay particular attention to the amount of noise you are making. Rhythmic foot steps or unnatural sounds, such as pant legs brushing against desert scrub will spook Javelina just as fast as human scent. 

Javelina can see movement fairly well, but as long as you keep from giving them a full human profile, or making any sudden movements, you shouldn't have to much trouble stalking to 20 yards unseen.

By far the biggest problem you will encounter in stalking Javelina, is stumbling onto unseen individuals.  In at least 95% of my Javelina encounters, there ended up being more pigs in the herd, then I originally observed.

Javelina "cooling" in a tree before the pack back to camp.  Note the perfect natural camouflage that their hair provides late in the afternoon in a mesquite thicket (click to enlarge). Photo by AP Jones.

Unfortunately, you may spook an unseen animal and end up alerting the entire herd if not extremely careful.  When the opportunity presents it's self, carefully select an animal and target the kill zone.


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