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Interesting Indian Petroglyphs and Mortar holes (for grinding mesquite beans) found while Javelina hunting.  Keep an eye out while hunting.

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These pictures are of several "secret" sites in the mountains surrounding Tucson, Arizona.  Drawing include, snakes, human figures, corn, Bighorn sheep, and Numerous "unknown' symbols and patterns. (click to enlarge).  All photos on this page by AP Jones.

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My research indicates based on the style and location most of the Petroglyphs are from Hohokam Indians circa AD 300- AD 1400.  A few sites are Archaic Style (more patterns and lines then pictures, and very faded) circa 5000 BC - AD 300.   All photos on this page by AP Jones.

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All sites contain significant amounts of pottery chards.  All photos on this page by AP Jones.


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