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Javelina populations occur in a wide variety of vegetation communities and elevations.  They range from Sonoran Desert Scrub to Conifer Woodland.  Since the largest population densities occur in Desert scrub, Desert grassland, and Chaparral that's were we recommend you target your hunting efforts.

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Resting Javelina.  Photo by Shirley Curtis.  Visit the S. Curtis Photo Collection.  

Another key thing to consider is that Javelina have thin, bristly hairs rather than fur and not a lot of hair on their undersides.  This results in Javelina activity patterns changing significantly when it is hot or cold. 

On cold, freezing nights Javelina will "dog pile" in the bedding area sharing each other's warmth, or if available search out caves which provide cover from wind, rain, and snow.

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"Bedding pad" under a mesquite tree. (click to enlarge). Photo by AP Jones.

When it's cold, they generally come out to feed well after sun-up (8:00 -9:00) on southeastern facing slopes where the sun is providing warmth.

On warmer nights and hot days, Javelina will be up feeding at night and bed down in cooler cover during the daytime.  If it's hot during hunting season (over 75 degrees), concentrate your hunting effort in cooler canyon bottoms, washes, and areas where terrain or vegetation provides cover from predators and shade. 

Javelina scraping a bedding pad in moist soil.  Photo courtesy of Sandra Jones.

Javelina herd home range may be up to 1,000 acres, but generally they will frequent much smaller and isolated areas within the home range.  Preseason scouting will help identify favored bedding, feeding, and travel routes.  Concentrate hunting efforts in these areas.

Javelina at 20 yards!

 See Still Hunting,  Herd Dynamics  Bedding Areas or What Do They Eat? for more information.



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