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Life Span

Captive Javelina enjoy a fairly long life span with the oldest recorded by the Arizona Game and Fish Department as a sow of 21 years!  Texas Parks & Wildlife Department researchers recorded a wild sow at 15 years of age.

Ageing Javelina by Teeth Wear

Javelina have all their adult teeth by approximately 21 months of age.  The following chart was adapted from information extracted from hunter check station data for adult Javelina (Sowls, L.K. 1961).

Young Javelina (above)

Old Javelina (7+Years) 

 Javelina lower jaw pictures courtesy of Amanda Moors - CouesWhitetail.com

Sign of Teeth Wear Javelina Age
Slight wear all teeth 2-3 years
Wear obvious on 1st & 2nd molars. Canines up to 1.5 inches in length 3-5 years
All teeth show wear. Canines may be shorter (they wear faster then grow) 5-7 years
Very heavy wear, some teeth may be missing 7 plus years

Javelina lower jaws. Picture courtesy of Amanda Moors - CouesWhitetail.com

Note to readers. The Javelina University section was developed from information derived from over 20 different Javelina related informational sources. Please visit the References page.


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