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Obviously, the condition of the trophy when it arrives at the taxidermist will have a lot to do with the quality of the finished product. Here are a few tips for caring for your trophy in the field.

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Typical Javelina shoulder mount. Picture by AP Jones.

 NEVER cut the throat on an animal you intend to mount.  As much as possible, keep blood off of the cape.

Determine what kind of mount that you want and skin accordingly remembering that too much cape is better than not enough.

 For a game head mount, cut at least 6" behind the brisket, around front legs, invert skin up the neck as far as possible and sever neck bone. Remove as much meat as possible, salt using non-iodized salt (not rock salt or table salt) and keep cool or freeze. (If you intend to freeze, and can do so in a short period of time, it may be best not to salt, as salt slows down the freezing process).


 Or consider a bleached out skull for your mantel or trophy room?  See our how to clean and bleach a skull page for step by step instructions.

Choosing a Taxidermist

If possible, check all the taxidermists in your area.  Ask for references, check local sporting goods stores and always visit their shops. 

When visiting their shop, check out their work.  Make sure you find out how recent the work was completed.  More recently done work (1 to 2 years) can be a better indicator of what to expect than work done 5 or more years ago.

bulletAsk the taxidermist how many Javelina he/she has completed. 
bulletHave they won any awards for their work?  
bulletConfirm pricing, work delivery time, shipping and insurance costs, etc.

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