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4 lucky Arizona hunters courtesy of Arizona Wildlife Outfitters  of Kingman, Arizona

The featured Javelina Guides make this Javelina hunting resource possible - Please visit there websites & support them when planning your next hunting adventure.

Selecting a Guide or Outfitter

When choosing a guide or outfitter we recommend you consider the following (ask these questions) items as a minimum when making your selection:

bulletExperience and success hunting Javelina
bulletNumber of Javelina hunters per season (are they all hunting the same area)
bulletConfirm number of days hunting
bulletDoes a 5 day hunt mean 1 day traveling to the hunting spot, 3 days hunting, and 1 day packing back out?
bulletConfirm hunter and guide ratio.  Is it 1 to 1 or 2 hunters per guide?
bulletOther guides (if used) experience
bulletHunting Camp
bulletSleeping arrangements?
bulletShower arrangements (if any)
bulletFood. What to expect? 
bulletHow many other hunters in camp?
bulletHunting over corn/feeders (Texas)
bulletArea game fenced (Texas)
bulletIf traveling via airlines, is pick-up and drop off at airport possible?
bulletLast minute cancellation on your part
bulletWill they credit what you paid 100 percent to a hunt next year?
bulletWhat amount can be refunded?
bulletDescribe typical hunt day
bulletWake up time
bulletLeave camp
bulletHunt technique (glassing, walking, etc)
bulletReturn to camp time
bulletReferences (both successful hunters and not)
bulletGame care in the field 
bulletAdditional hunting day(s) cost (if available)
bulletTrophy fee if any
bulletOther game available to hunt and cost

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