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My buddy and I from Colorado took up Javelina last year after several years of Hog hunting, we found the Javelina hunting much funner and there are plenty of the critters on public ground. Your website was very helpful. We hunted the Gila River North of Lordsburg and we both were able to get an animal, We learned alot, saw many, and the Boar I managed to get was exceptional (at least for us) We are headed back next week for another hunt, and are looking at Arizona for 2008. This year we will muzzleload and next year we are looking at handgun or Bow. Nice Website.  Gene Hogan Eaton, Colorado

 Audrey Snyder with her first Javelina. Taken in Arizona, year 2007, with her Browning A-bolt in .243 WSSM at 150yds.


I wanted to share these pictures of my children's Javelina with you, My daughter Bryette Sipes 13 harvested her fist Javelina in unit 28 during the youth hunt and it was a toad! I'm guessing the sow weighed around 65 lbs.

 My son Preston Sipes 11 made his first bow kill on a Javelina during the archery hunt.

As an Arizona native I have been hunting Javelina for the past 30 years, since I was about 11, and usually can't wait for the January archery season to roll around. I am usually quite successful with the spot and stalk method but would like to learn more about the call. Thanks, Steven Sipes.


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