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Javelina scent marking each other (click on photo to enlarge). Photo Courtesy of the Desert Life web site.

Javelina have a distinct dorsal gland on the rump that is essential in much species-specific behavior.  The "musk" gland gives off a strong odor.  When approaching from downwind you will often  smell them before you see them. 

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Scent gland close-up.  It looks like a small nipple. Photo by AP Jones (click picture to enlarge).

Members of a Javelina herd rub musk on each other to establish a scent for the group.  Musk will taint the meat if it comes in contact with it.  The musk gland usually comes off easily with the hide when the animal is dressed out, but since musk is also all over the Javelina's hide, the hunter must be careful that hands and knives that touch the hide don't touch the meat.

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Javelina rubbing /scent marking against a rock. (click on picture to enlarge).  Photo by AP Jones.

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