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In many areas Javelina become dangerous nuisance visitors.  Each year numerous people and pets suffer serious injuries from Javelina Attacks

This guy showed up in the backyard one day and decided not to leave.  Note the 2 containers in the background, one water & one bird seed for the quail. lets see, good food, good water, good shade-why leave!

Although wild animals are neat to have around, they are wild!  If they feel cornered or threatened the will aggressively defend them self's.  

The above peacefully resting Javelina will go from lazy and sleepy to deadly and vicious in a micro second! Just add a dog racing out the back door into the yard or a kid, on a bike, speeding around the corner into the yard.

The vast majority of Javelina & home owner encounter's are driven by the animals need water or food.  

The scenario is something like this: 

 Javelina herd is out making there late afternoon rounds.  Home owner is out admiring his new "foothills" dream home (on what used to be prime Javelina habitat). 

 Javelina decide to pay a visit to this odd looking pile of rocks (new home).  In there searching around the home they find fight-o's dog food bowl full of kibbles & bits and a water bowl to boot!  Javelina Heaven!  

Home owner spots Javelina, runs inside to tell wife, they run back outside to watch and enjoy the Javelina.  The home owner, lets call him Jack, notes the Javelina have finished off the dog food, so he decides to give them a refill.  He cautiously tip toes over and pours some more dog food in the bowl.  Jill, Jacks wife, notes the Javelina don't run, they keep there distance, but seem to not be afraid of Jack.  As soon a Jack moves away from the bowl the Javelina move back to the bowl to resume the feast.  The next evening the Javelina show up.  The scene repeats it's self over and over day after day, except for sometimes the Javelina  show a few hours later. 

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The late shows are because of Jacks neighbor Ted, unbeknownst to Jack, Ted feeds them carrots, apples and potatoes prior to there visit to Jacks place.

Jacks other neighbor Sue has been terrified for weeks, she wont go in the back yard in the evening, and keeps her poodle "fluffy" in the house 24 hours a day, while she recovers from the horrible mauling she took at the hands of evil Javelina- 40 stitches and $500 vet bill.  It happen 3 weeks ago, all she did was let fluffy out the back door to do her evening business. Wham four huge Javelina came out of no where.  If it wasn't for the broom Sue used to beat the Javelina off, fluffy would be dead.

This guy and his buddies visit an apartment complex each evening in Tucson, Arizona. The second floor balcony provides a safe viewing & nice pictures (and a great tree stand). Photo courtesy of  Sandra Jones.

Story's similar to the one above occur very frequently and illustrate how the seemingly innocent act of feeding Javelina often results in unintended consequences.  

Things to do to prevent Javelina from frequenting your home. 

bulletRemove dog food & water bowls at night
bulletNo Bird feeders or "seed blocks" on the ground

If Javelina are frequently spotted near or in your yard

bulletPut flyers in your neighbors mail boxes alerting them of Javelina sightings and listing dangers & preventive measures (especially about not feeding them)
bulletDo not leave dogs outside unless in a securely fenced area that is Javelina proof
bulletIf repeatedly visited by Javelina despite precautions. We recommend spraying areas with coyote urine. 

Get coyote urine at AllPredatorCalls.com

Spray small amount on foliage, around gardens, backyard patios, travel routes, and other areas Javelina are frequenting. 


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