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Bedding Areas

Javelina generally have several (3 to 5)  bed areas within their home range which receive the majority of use.  Locations that provide good cover and protection from predators will be used year after year. 

One key thing to consider is that Javelina have thin, bristly hairs rather than fur and not a lot of hair on their undersides.  This results in Javelina bedding activity patterns changing significantly when it is hot or cold. 

On cold freezing nights Javelina will "dog pile" in the bedding area sharing each others warmth, or if available search out caves which provide cover from wind, rain, and snow.

On hot days or warm nights they will generally bed as a herd in an area covering 20 to 30 yards, but will scrape out single resting pads, several feet apart.

Scraping out a resting pad.  Photo courtesy of Sandra Jones.

Generally, beds which are used for long periods (primary beds) will have a significant amount of Javelina feces near them. 

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Small cave used by 12 Javelina in winter months (click to enlarge). Both photos by AP Jones.

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"flat land" bedding pad. 10 plus Javelina were plied up here moments before I shot this picture.  Note this bed was discovered in a creosote brush thicket surrounded by a sea of traditional desert cactus .  If your hunting area has creosote brush, always take time to investigate the thickets, I have found it to be a favorite bedding area of Javelina (click on picture to enlarge). Photo by AP Jones.

Note to readers. The Javelina University section was developed from information derived from over 20 different Javelina related informational sources. Please visit the References page.


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